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Work Better. Produce More. Create Betterness.

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Our Vision

We transform how you and your team work…for the better.

Work Better.

Discover our leading-edge approach to creative inspiration and thinking, idea generation and execution, effective communication, and sustainable productivity — neuro-science driven, fueled by applied improvisation.

Produce More.

Learn how to access more of your brain’s inherent processing, ability to focus, and creative power through practical processes and techniques. It’s all about dramatically increasing creative productivity.

Create Betterness.

Leverage the transformative power of creativity to produce work with impact and infused with meaning. Get inspired to create products and services that make people, communities, and society as better off as possible.

What We Do

We integrate the latest application of neuroscience with the pure joy of creativity. Our superpowers: Deftly interweaving authoritative data with vivid storytelling, and sparking change through participant interactivity, action items, and follow-ups. We’re available and at the ready for workshops, consulting, keynotes/playnotes/speaking, and coaching.

Creative Thinking & Ideation

Transform constraints into catalysts to inspire new ideas and increase individual and collective productive output.

Team Communication

Strengthen your team’s ability to communicate effectively with each other and across the organization — even in the face of change and under pressure and duress.

Creative Collaboration

Develop your team’s collaboration skills for optimum productivity and output. Learn how multiply to each other’s ideas to solve problems and innovate.


Spark a culture of creativity. Generate fresh solutions and ideas consistently. Inspire the game-changers and turn everyone into innovators.

Who We Are

We love what we do. We work with leading companies and individuals in web, consumer goods and services, academia, law, research, engineering, media, and you name it — teaching them how to amplify their creativity and up level their innovations.

Denise Jacobs

Denise Jacobs

Founder + Chief Creativity Evangelist

As the Founder + Creativity Evangelist of The Creative Dose, Denise Jacobs teaches techniques to make the creative process more fluid, methods for making work environments more conducive to creative productivity, and practices for sparking innovation at conferences and with companies worldwide. Through her work, Denise shares big concepts that challenge the status quo and lead to “ahas” that translate into immediate actions, practices and skills to transform all aspects of people’s work lives with focused creativity. She is the author of The CSS Detective Guide, and co-authored the Smashing Book #3 1/3 and Interact with Web Standards. Denise is also the Chief Unicorn of Rawk The Web, and the Head Instigator of The Creativity (R)Evolution.
Jessie Shternshus

Jessie Shternshus

Chief Innovator

Jessie Shternshus weds her lifelong passion for and expertise in applied improvisation with the fast-paced demands of the corporate world. She speaks at conferences worldwide and facilitates communication skills workshops where she helps people become better listeners, team players, communicators, and leaders. Her physically engaging and playful workshops are relevant to all fields of life; participants of her workshops vary from college professors to engineers and from web developers to lawyers. Jessie has worked with companies such as CBS, Johnson & Johnson, Expedia, Getty Images and Celgene. She is also the founder and owner of The Improv Effect.

Our Clients

The team at The Creative Dose has worked with a range of companies and organizations in both the US and internationally. Below is a selected list of clients.

  • FastWeb.It
  • GitHub
  • Automattic
  • Mind the Bridge Startup School
  • rbb PR
  • Intuit
  • The BBC
  • Skisskernas Art Museum, University of Lund
  • Inspire925
  • UXPA: User Experience Professionals Association
  • CBS
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Expedia
  • Getty Images
  • Celgene
  • Adecco
  • Groupon
  • Skype
  • Crayola
  • Living Social
  • Fidelity Investments
  • Ignite

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